How the FY is organised

The course runs from September 2020 to June 2021*.


The course is divided into two semesters with the possibility to start in the middle of September (Early bird course) or at the end of September 2020 (Regular course).


  • First semester: September – January
  • Second semester: February – end of June.


*PLEASE NOTE: For students enrolled on some special courses offered by Conservatorio A. Boito or who wish to take admission test at Conservatorio, the Foundation Year could last until September 2021.


Students can choose between two study programmes:


– General study programme

– Music study programme


General study programme: 310 hours of classroom lessons, 150 hours of blended lessons e 1040 hours of self-study and tutoring, 1500 hours total (60 ECST).

Music study programme: 240 hours of classroom lessons, hours of blended lessons e 610 hours of self-study and tutoring, hours total (60 ECST).


The Foundation Year includes courses of:


  Core subjects


Italian language
Italian culture
Intercultural communication
Preparation for the exam to obtain a language certificate in Italian

General programme

Italian history and geography)
Courses to be chosen from those offered by the University of Parma in any academic field.

This option is aimed at raising students’ awareness of the Italian university system and helping them choose the most appropriate degree course

Music programme During the whole Foundation Year, up to three of the following courses on offer at Conservatorio A. Boito in Parma may be selected:

· Choral practice

· Eartraining

· History of music

· Harmony and analysis

The tutoring service of Conservatorio will previously assess students’ competences in order to better guide them.