The Foundation Year is a preparatory course lasting 10 months addressed
to foreign students interested in enrolling in a course of study at
the University of Parma or another Italian university or at a music
Conservatory or higher institution of music studies (ISSM).

In the case of enrollment in the musical curriculum with the attendance
of some courses the duration extends up to a maximum of 13 months.

Welcome to Parma

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Have a look at “the world waiting for you”: an important University with more than a thousand
years of history but that has always been able to continuously renew itself. Explore Parma, a
beautiful and tailor-made for students city. Discover student life in Parma: culture, music, sports,
volunteering, leisure and much more.

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Registration until 30 September 2019 (updated deadline)

Application Form

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Please, fill in the document electronically, sign it, scan it
and send it by email together with all the requested documents listed here
to: by 30 September.

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