“Dante Alighieri Society – PIFY Programme”

The University of Parma and the Dante Alighieri Society (Italian: Società Dante Alighieri) have recently started a collaboration which has led to the creation of a special programme within the Foundation Year (PIFY – Dante).

Students enrolled on the PIFY Programme will receive the following benefits:

  • attend the first semester in their home country;
  • start the course in Parma according to individually tailored agreements;
  • get a reduction on the number of credits needed to complete the Programme in Parma (as determined by the FY Executive Committee);
  • get a 20% tuition fees reduction for both the General study programme and the Music programme (the above-mentioned reduction does not apply on tuition fees due to the Conservatorio A. Boito

Click to see and download the flyer and the brochure:


Flyer (English)

Brochure (English)


Flyer (French)

Brochure (French)


Flyer (Spanish)

Brochure (Spanish)


Flyer (Chinese)

Brochure (Chinese)


Flyer (Italian)

Brochure (Italian)